Acne and Your Food

Acne and Your Food

Photo by Julie Elliott

One of the reasons for acne could be the food you take in your everyday life. Certain foods could prove to be more prone towards the problem breakout. In reality refined carbohydrates increase the insulin levels and thus increase the sebum production and clogged pores for acne problem. The relation effect of the food and the acne problem could be minimized with a controlled diet plan and you should know these common problem causing foods.

Of course many other factors will determine the final condition of skin, but the kind of food you take will make an environment for the body and a ground for your health skin or the skin with an acne problem.

Use the following foods according to your needs only, and in a normal level and avoid acne problems like pimples, black heads (comedones), white heads (pustules), or Larger Bumpy Skin infections (nodules and cysts).

Dairy Foods

The whole increased amount of dairy foods intake in your daily life could be a big factor in your acne problem.  As you will take it above your normal body needs, in return, your body will need more secretions to process it. Research shows that cheese, cream, milk and the products made from it play a pivotal role in acne problem prone people.  Just be fair with your needs and you will be free of problems.

Sweet Foods

Photo by Günter Hentschel

The sweet thing could be beneficial for you but if you are more inclined towards the pimple or acne problem, you should control it. The reason is more sugar and other additives. These will produce more sebum and inflammatory responses in the body to make a ground for the acne problem. It could also be a good thing to avoid too much juice, as it increases sugar levels and insulin.

Spicy Foods

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So you like too much spicy fun, the one soaring with sensation and high on flavors? These too much spicy foods could be another cause for acne problem. Homemade sauces should be used in a normal level and industrial products with additives should be avoided for a wonderful skin free of acne.

Oily Foods

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These wonderful voluptuous foods could be the things you want to take too much, but, there are other requirements and levels of your body needs and it could be different in every other person. There is a strong relation between the oil and the acne problem breakout. The rule is same here; take it as you need it. Know about your body needs day to day and have the meals accordingly.

Food is the foundation for your health and the whole story starts from here or depends on it greatly. So, plan your food intake for a healthy life or in this case a healthy skin free of acne problems. Go and select the best imperative food!