Mistakes of Diet and Exercise That Make You Old

Mistakes of Diet and Exercise That Make You Old

Photo by James Blunt

Eating sugar certainly is not good for you, but indulging too much in sweets and desserts can also add many old years to your face. Dermatologists suggest that good nutrition plays a pivotal role for a healthy life and for your perfect skin care. You could find some wonderful natural ingredients in romaine lettuce and strawberries that help to increase the cell turnover. These can boost production of collagen fibers for smooth and firm skin. Conversely, there are foods with little-to-no benefits, like sugar-mine doughnuts and other sweets like this, can actually damage the collagen and elastin that is necessary for a healthy and firm skin. According to a recent study, these aging effects start to appear at about the age of 35 and could increase rapidly after that.

Even determined cardio workarounds without yoga, strength-weight-training and rest, one will miss out the anti-aging body benefits. Your schedule should include yoga, weight and strength training and rest, all planed. Find out the commonly missed 5 diet and exercise mistakes- and learn about the workarounds:

  1. Lack of Relaxtion

Its wonderful that you have made a perfect and complete exercise plan, but incorporating relaxation techniques to your plan will add that imperative fitness level to your life. Regular relaxation moves will help you to look younger and prevent the aging breakouts. Dermatologists suggest that the exercise plan with relaxation techniques will give a complete new level of beauty to your body and skin. Techniques like Autogenic Relaxation, Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Visualization will be imperative for your own proper care. Control your stress to keep your skin clam and fresh. High levels of tension and stress will spike the hormone production that leads to aggravates conditions. Relive stress by adding relaxation techniques and add be younger.

  1. Missing Alkaline

Don’t even think to miss; Alkaline based foods like parsley, almonds, kale, pears, lemons and apples. Nutritionists strongly suggest these foods for imperative skin and hair care and for many benefits for your body. Acidic body as a result of unbalanced diet requires most of these foods. Alkaline minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium will allow you to have strong and healthy bones, teeth and hair.

  1. Overusing Desserts

It’s ok that you love wonderful desserts, but indulging too much in them, will vanish you from within and will Age you from outside. The breakdown of sugar, called glycation, will damage the collagen and consequently, will ruin the beauty and firmness of your skin. Use sugars only occasionally in small amounts. One of the best workarounds could be low-glycemic carbs like whole grains. These are digested slowly for a limited loss of collagen and are low in sugar. For sweetening up your tea or oatmeal without the aging consequences, you can try all-natural stevia. According to board-certified dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, it is an easily digestible herbal sweetener that does not trigger glycation.

  1. Ignoring Organic Tea

An epidemic aging cause is the use of fictitious essence and color in the foods. Most of the time industrial products are full of these harmful compounds and Tea is one of them. It’s wonderful delectation is its biggest drawback; if it’s not processed organically. These are the bags full of color and essence that people ignore occasionally. As its taste and smell hugely depends on environment, transportation and packaging; inorganic tea is processed with fabricated color and essence. Companies make huge profits by fabricating this substandard product for health. Research shows many benefits of Organic Black and Green Tea, as these have EGCG and theaflavins that help to prevent skin cancers. The breakdown of collagen, the cause of wrinkles will be prevented with it.

  1. Sleepless Nights

All those exercise, relaxation and food techniques will fail, if you will ignore a proper fulfilled calm sleep. These days, resting calm sleeps could be a nightmare because of the too much pretended interference in our life. Too much exercise and work will make you tired all the time and over exhaustion will age you quickly. Plan well, with a proper sleep time. There should be a balance between breakdown and recovery. A proper sleep could heal you much quickly and there is no substitute of it. You have to remember this imperative measure for your self-care!